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What Does a Virtual Receptionist Do?


Managing a company is never easy. It entails a lot of hard work, trial and error, learning experience, and most definitely require natural charisma among others. Indeed, there are a lot of factors that needs to be acquired before you become an excellent manager.

To begin with, how do we define a manager? From the root word manage, it means to be in charge, run, direct, or control. Therefore, a manager is someone who is in control of a specific area of expertise or line of industry. A floor director is the manager of the stage. It is equally the same with a painter to his canvass, a proprietor to his business, a writer to his article, and a receptionist to all incoming calls. Yes, a receptionist is a manager for all incoming calls of every business industry.



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Let us focus with one of the most important members of every business organization – a receptionist. A receptionist is a front liner or the first point of contact any caller will encounter when calling a specific company. Every employee is a manager when it comes to handling and entertaining customers. In fact, it is every employees' obligation to do great when it comes to customer service. Eventually, it is the customer that keeps the business running and making them stay is what matters most. This is an everyday cycle. The company’s relationship with the customers will dictate the fate of the company, whether it survives or not.

Answering the phone is one of the basic standards of customer service. It is understandable for an individual to become unsuccessful to manually take 100% of the calls coming throughout the day. Naturally, aside from answering phone calls, there is a great deal of work to focus on every minute and every hour of the day. It is a real struggle to entertain the calls and do other stuff simultaneously. With this serious problem, technology came up with an alternative solution to minimize and eliminate such issues in the industry through an assistant called the virtual receptionist.

A virtual receptionist is the one who answers calls in a communication channel called phone answering service. With this telephone answering service, the system allocates the company a local phone number during the free trial sign up process. The designated number is unique for each customer. Upon being designated your own number, you can now advertise it and calls will automatically be answered by the virtual receptionist. This unique number can be used however the client desires, particularly in promotions and advertising. If a company has a registered phone number being used in advertisements or company websites like most of the 7,500 existing global clients, business owners may simply call forward the existing phone number to the number that will be allocated to the specific company during the free trial sign up. Instantly, the virtual receptionist will now answer all calls pertaining to your business.




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Functions of a Virtual Receptionist

  • • Greet and answer clients in a clearly defined way the company wants their calls to be handled.
  • Some businesses only want the calls answered when they are not physically present in the office, especially during meetings and client visits. In this case, only some calls are to be handled by the virtual Receptionist. The number of rings can also be determinant by the business owner before the calls are diverted to the phone answering service. If they are available to answer the calls, changes can be made outright in the system so that calls will be redirected to them. Set up just takes a few minutes.

  • • Transfer calls to identified and proper recipients
  • During the setup, the company shall distinguish recipients of the calls. If calls are identified as urgent, this can be forwarded by the virtual receptionist via email, SMS, or instantly forward the calls. It can be sent to individual or group recipients. Such details can be updated by accessing the online client portal, which will be set up during the free trial.

  • • Make appointments for you
  • The highly experienced receptionist can take down and record appointments for you. Calendars will be kept up to date so owners are always reminded of their meetings. This can be viewed on a real-time online calendar.

  • • Answer clients' concerns
  • A list of basic company information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) shall be provided for easy reference of the virtual receptionist. Detailed call scripts will also be useful for the receptionist to have a guide on how to answer questions and when to transfer calls.

  • • 24/7 Service
  • Yes, virtual receptionist is present all throughout the day so no important calls will be missed.

  • • Manage first impressions
  • Virtual receptionists are well trained in terms of customer service. Pleasant, cheerful and experienced when it comes to handling concerns, you can never go wrong in choosing live answering service. Customers will surely keep on coming and returning and who knows, businesses can grow through word of mouth. Clients may even market the business for you, especially when they are happy with the kind of service they received. With a real receptionist taking the calls, customers will have the impression that the receptionist is just on the company's front desk.



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The phone answering service is very cost-effective. Companies will only pay for the services used. With a budget as low as $75 per month for the Virtual Receptionist 50, companies can enjoy 50 calls and just pay $1.75 per excess call. It also saves the company from paying $2,500 per month when hiring a regular in-house receptionist and all additional expenses such as training expense, the physical office expense, and a lot more.

Having an efficient receptionist is indeed a great addition to the company. Answering the phone is just one of their roles, but more importantly, they also build the company's reputation through customer interactions. This often-ignored part of the business should always be well-represented if you want your company to continuously build a name in your specific industry.

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